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In 2009, we here at Camber Ridge set out to improve tire characterization for the automotive and tire industries by increasing accuracy, repeatability, and functionality of tire testing.  We did this by developing the world’s first full-speed, environmentally-controlled tire testing facility on an indoor, ½ mile asphalt surface.  After years of development, engineering, lessons learned, and industry input, I am pleased to say that we successfully launched our system and overcame the significant technical challenges we faced.  Our flagship machine, the Genesis, provided the realistic testing conditions long sought out by the industry, improving accuracies particularly in the limit handling areas such as braking and cornering, and conducting tests as long as 500 miles at a time.


Unfortunately, due to business circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to close the facility in late 2017.


Our technical success was due to the input of a number of people to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude: to the several industrial partners who came along-side of us during the development of the Genesis; to our industrial and business advisors who provided input throughout the many years of development; to our investors, who shared the vision with us to make a difference and faithfully supported us along the way; and to our employees and their families, who sacrificed countless hours and weekends doing something that had never been done before.  I am extremely thankful to all involved for the opportunity to have worked with the greatest group of people with whom I have ever worked, and for the opportunity to realize the dream of a lifetime.


What’s Next…


Although the on-pavement capability is no longer available, I am pleased to announce that Camber Ridge has sold the Genesis manipulator to LINK Engineering Company, and it will be operated out of LINK’s Testing Operations in Dearborn, Michigan.  There, the Genesis will be integrated with a rolling road to provide Force and Moment testing services, along with the unique capability of conducting Parking Forces measurements (with programmable scrub radius and virtual, dynamic kingpin orientation) and playback file capability.  The new Genesis will be commissioned in March 2018.


LINK Engineering Company was established in 1935, and currently employs over 500 personnel supporting 16 facilities located in eight countries around the world, including Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, and the US. LINK specializes in developing custom test equipment and providing testing services for each of their customers.  LINK has a deep history of providing both in-laboratory and on-road testing services, and with its experience in testing components including the driveshaft, hubs, bearings, brakes, wheels, and now tires, LINK provides the customer with a single resource for testing each corner of the vehicle – from the driveline down to the tire contact patch.


Let me encourage you to pay a visit to the LINK Engineering facilities in Dearborn, Michigan to see the home of the new Genesis system and the many other testing capabilities LINK offers.  Please contact Terry Ledwidge, Director of Business Development, or Aaron Marks, Sales Engineering Manager, to further discuss your application and to arrange a tour.


Mr. Terry Ledwidge, Director of Business Development

+1 313-350-9365 (Terry Ledwidge mobile)



Mr. Aaron Marks, Sales Engineering Manager

+1 734-718-4225 (Aaron Marks mobile)

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Phone Number:  +1 313-625-4000 (main)


Best wishes going forward, and thank you for your part in making this an experience of a lifetime!





Dr. James F. Cuttino




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